Friday, October 31, 2014

It's been a loooong time....

It has been a crazy long time since I updated this blog. I kind of figured that no one was reading it anymore, but I told a new friend about it this week and thought I should check up on it and apparently 72 people read it last month?! I feel horrible now for leaving such a cliff hanger as my last post. So, here is a quick update! Mike and I are now the proud parents of five children. Andrew is 8, Olivia is 5, Sofia is 2, William is 1 and of course Lucas would be almost 4. My pregnancies with Sofia and William were just like all the others, plagued by sickness and ending in a c section. I was a nervous wreck with Sofia since it was the first one after Lucas. But, after the 20 week sonogram I relaxed, a lot. We had the sono done at the perinatologist's office (we did the same with Will's 20 week). The doctor very closely examined her heart, brain, lungs, everything really. We left there very comfortable and confident. I was a bit calmer with William's pregnancy, perhaps because I was too busy, tired and sick to be worried. We are blessed. Sofia and William are unfathomable blessings. They make our family on earth complete. If Lucas had been okay I'm not sure we would have gone for four and I'm positive we would not have had five. It is a double edged sword; I miss Lucas, I still cry, I still long to hold him....but I take great joy in Sofia and William. Lucas is gone, I can't change that. When I think about all we went through I feel invincible. I did that. I survived. I am happy. God is in the business of blessings. I am blessed.

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